Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • [quote=Bahamian] So do you still think that this is a problem?[/quote] Yes. The COs that live in Florida (and other areas with warm/hot) are most likely, as previously stated, living as COMPANIONS in houses with Air Conditioning... NOT working out in the hot sun and humidity all day long. If you're wanting a CO for guardian and protection work this is VERY MUCH not the breed for you, regardless of how much you admire them and would like one. Drop your pride and realize that if you were to get one, not only would it be unfair to the dog, but it could VERY well be a waste of your money when the dog dies of heat stroke before it's a year old. Listen to the advice given in this thread. You were asking for our advice and opinions and we're giving them to you. These people all know what they're talking about - because they have experience with COs or similar breeds. 8)
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