Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • [quote=Bahamian]I still think they are the ultimate breed. [/quote] Yes, they are an awesome dog!! 8) [blockquote] Is there any other breed that someone can suggest that would be an excellent guard/protection dog for me? I would love something that has the same (or close to the same) intangibles as a CO but that would be able to thrive in The Bahamas. Thank you.[/blockquote] As far as looks, and somewhat the same temperment, a shorter coated CAO can handle a higher range of climates. Also some that are even better for hot climates are Cane Corso, Presa, or the Fila. I've seen dogs in all these breeds that have excellent natural guarding instinct, though I've also seen a lot of "false" examples of these breeds as well (especially in the US). I think the Fila would definitely be worth a look! Good luck!
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