Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • [blockquote]Xamen 13, I'm inthe most northern region of the Bahamas (I guesse lat 26). I agree that the summers here are alot different than the summers in Norway. And even though the yearly average temperature on my island is 80 deg. f; we do get as low as 40 degrees during our winters (believe it or not)! I have a question Xamen, property that I was hoping to put the CO on is HIGHLY shaded with ALOT of dense, tall trees. So the yard is FULL of cool shaded, breezy areas. So do you still think this will make it more feasable for me to have a CO?[/blockquote] For a WORKING dog, I'd say no, it doesn't help much. Again, if you were going to have one as a companion and personal/family guardian, I'd say this could work out quite well as there would be a good chance of them being in the house with Air Conditioning. However, if it's going to be outside all day, I think it might be a bit much for them in the summers. Even with all the shade and cool water, it's still quite warm when compared to the temperatures they were bred to work in. Also, remember that the shade doesn't help them deal with the humidity any better, either. You should (if you haven't already) check into some of the other breeds suggested earlier in this thread. You can find many of the same characteristics in many of them. :)
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