Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • Well. first of all, who of you have lived for many years with many C.O. in Norway, except me? Please tell me. :) I can tell you that last year my C.O. were working as LGD for 100 Cows an a 300 000 sq. m. big place. And they were woving in trot and galopp almost the whole time. It's "funny", but some people seems to think that they know everything, how thing works in other countries, even they haven't been there. In he opoositie to the most of you, I have real experience with working LGD in the summer time. And the same dogs are doing great as dog shows too. So, one more time, it's possible to have great dogs as LGD that also are doing great as show dogs, Best in Show and a lot of placements in the group. And I'm not talking about small club shows, but rather big shows, also Intenational shows.
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