Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • [quote="Xamen13"]Norway's climate is still quite different from that of the Bahamas.[/quote] Yes, Thank God! :D But some of my point is that it's difficult to be sure about something for people who haven't any experience from the case. And as I said, I have a lot of experience from working C.O. also in the hot summer, and the C.O. have no problems wih that. But that's my C.O., may be other C.O. will react in another way. A very important thing, IMHO, is what the pup is used to from it was small pup. But even that, I could never live on Bahamas I think, but I am not a small pup either :o. I think I would die after one hour. But I'm not a C.O. :) I don't know anything about Bahamas, exept it's very warm there. Is there any lake or sea there? Here where I live we have only forest and then it seems to be rather warmer. I wish we had sea around here, real sea with salt wather. :D
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