Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • [blockquote] Aud Stokman, The Bahamas is an Island archipelego (made up of over 700 large islands and small cays). So the nearest beach from the inner most part of my island is ONLY about 7 minutes away (driving)! Now were I live at, the beach is only 7 minutes away (walking), so if I was to drive it will only take maybe 2 minutes! [/blockquote] Hi! I think that this make things very different, that you live that close to the beach. Because that will make the climate colder and better for the dog, even it's warm in the air. I don't know the F, but do you know how warm it would be in Celcius(C) ? It would be much easier if I knew that. What i know for sure is that the C.O. readjust him/her-self easy. And they do a great work as LGD even in warm weather. here in Norway we can have summer from May and out August, really warm summer. And as I told before, my C.O. are working even it's really warm in the weather. I have experience with this with my C.O., so I know for sure that this is true.
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