Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • [quote=cindyba] Gary, what do you think, you have this experience also, would you keep CO's in for excample Jamaica? If so, do you think it would mean any special requirements, like aircondition etc.? [/quote] Hi Cindy, I have been staying out of this discussion because to a great extent it is a personal choice for the owner. Would I have a CO in Jamaica? Yes I would if I lived on a large plot of land with lots of trees and water around. I do live in Virginia and we get summer temps over 100 F during Jul - Sep. During that time I keep my dogs in an airconditioned shed where the temp is about 75 F. When they are outside they dig significantly large holes in the shade places and lay in the cool dirt. If you have a nice pristine yard - it will be destroyed. Now that I have COs - they are the dogs for me regardless of where I end up living.. so if I lived in Jamaica now I would take my dogs there and make it work. They would have AC and ample shade and water - of course they probably would not put on a winter coat :) For Bahamian - if you would not mind another breed then look at the CAO - These dogs are from Central Asia and in that area they also get temperature extremes. You would get a significantly high level of protection with less possibility of heat problems. Also, the other breedes suggested for you are worth consideration.
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