Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • Hello and how are you doing? I am very interested in getting a Co in the future (hopefully in the not too distant future). I've been reaseraching about the breed for about a year now and I find them to be extremely interesting. What I like is that they are natural guard/protection dogs but what really impresses me is how fast and agile they are for their size. I want to get one to protect/guard my property and family. I've had pit bulls all my life (rite now six) to protect my place but although they keep all "unwanted" guest out and do a pretty decent job of protecting; they do have limitations. And that limitation is their fight first mentality. My two best guard dogs are two females but I could never keep them roaming the yard the same time because they would end up killing one another. I will be getting a new place soon and want a CO to guard it. My criteria for where I get my CO from are: It has to be reputable breeders The dog MUST come from working parents (not show parents) The parents must be genetically healthy I'm not too sure whats the difference between the Co and CAO but I like the really big ones that have the short muzzle that resemble a grizzly bear. I live in The Bahamas and it gets pretty warm here. The average annual temperature is 80 F but in the summer its regullary in the 90's (sometimes 95 or more). Can the CO handle this climate (take into consideration I'll keep it shave during these hot months)? Like I said I'm looking to get one in the future (hopefully next year sometime), so is there any where in N. America that has CO's that meet my criterias? I would like to get two eventually but I would like to start off with a male first. About how much would a male CO cost me including having it shipped to Florida (This is where I would go to get it to bring it to the Bahamas)? If there is anything else that you could posible tell me about CO's please feel free to. I'm always willing to learn more about this wonderfull breed. Thank you.
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