Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • [quote=Igmuska"][quote="Bahamian] I've noticed that some CO's that live in California, Louisian, and Florida in the USA. These places have the same climate as my home. Actually my island is only 60 miles east of west palm beach Florida so I know that a CO can handle the climate here. Not to mention, due to the fact that I live on an island it is a cooler that those three places.[/quote] Have you seen CO breeders or owners in Palm Beach? Some of these places also have a winter climate, even if it is warmer. California does have slight frost in the winter and stays pretty mild in most areas (it's also a very large state with climates from hot desert to snow covered mountain ranges). The extremely hot areas are still no place for a CO. Most of the people who own these dogs in hotter climates in the US keep them as family companions and protectors, which usually means the dog does spend a lot of time indoors with air conditioning. If I remember correctly, the founder of this site gives all of his CO's acess to AC all summer, and he's in Virginia. Yes people in these climates have heavy coated dogs, but the risk of heat stroke is enormous. That's not a risk I would be willing to take. Like Aleksa said, try looking into a CAO of you are stuck on the "type". They often can handle a bigger range of temperatures and though are double coated, it is a shorter version.[/quote] There are Co owners not breeders in Florida. And like I said if they can handle the climate there I know they can handle it here bcause its a bit cooler because of the ocean breeze. Like I said, my island is exactly 60 mile east of west paalm beach Florida. Here is an example of my islands proximity to west palm beach: If "WPB" is west palm beach and "B" is The Bahamas in relation to it on a map, here is how close we are "WPB"-----------east ward (60 miles)--------- "I" So do you still think that this is a problem?
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