Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • I would like to thank everyone that has replied to my thread so far. Some of your advice/opinions have been great. Yes I know its a bit warmer here in The Bahamas so I will have to take precaution(s) with a CO. I also agree with the fact that I should get two instead of one so that they can be companion for one another. I also agree that I should try to find a short hair/coat CO, but I feel that once I get them at a young enough age they would "adapt" and thus not produce such a thick coat. But I am still researching the breed and I will take my time doing this because I need/ want to know "EVERYTHING" that there is to know about this breed before I get them. I know some of you have suggested other breeds that I should consider getting instead of a CO, but the more I learn about this breed; the more I am fascinated with its ability to protect me and my family. So I really don't see no other option than the CO at this time. But again, I want to thank everyone that has responded to me.
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