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    Hello EVERYONE!

    Its been a while. I got  two Co's last year (they were a birthday present to my self). They were born in March, 2012. I got them in May 2012. They came from a Russian breeder; thus they came from Russia.

    A member here (Yelena), was instrumental in helping me get them. On top of that, she has helped me tremendously in raising them. I truly appreciate everything she has done for me. Thanks again.

    They have done VERY well in the climate here. They have tons of shade, along with a pool to wade in on hotter days.

    To say they are everything I thought they would be and more, is a gross understatement!

    They are now a year and 9 months old. The male's name is Yasha and the female is Sezja. They are litter mate brother/sister.

    What do you guys think?

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