Comment to 'The Campeiro Bulldog'
  • [blockquote] i can imagine in the short future the degradation the Working Ability of these breed by new owners focus in Show (market)![/blockquote] This is not problem, one standard better explaine go finish with this, the problem of this breed is false breeders, they crossing BC with others bulldogue breeds or prognat breeds and sell like a pure Campeiro, the worse is that this people go in public say that made "big tinghs" for the breed, that is one "conservacionist" and honest breeder, have and make much fame, the show judges nor know the breed and give prizes for not pure dogs, the people believe in these breeders, and the shows results help hers to lie more, and , the problem is make... These problems can in future give one good and polemic topic, but I believe that is not good talk much bout this now... :roll: Greetings Paula
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