Comment to 'The Campeiro Bulldog'
  • [blockquote]Can you explain to us how can good breeders will preserve the CB Working Ability ? [/blockquote]

    For this , I prefer make one little " top secret" but I believe that much good news come soon :D

    [blockquote]I know that to preserve the Working Ability for any breed is a difficult jorney! So here in this board we have some fine dogmen that working with they dogs and a lot of post were to debate about working Dogs and all the problem concerned with this. [/blockquote]

    The principal tingh that Half have see in this dog when he have make the rescue of the breed, are select the dogs for working, select the temperament and the apearence without the " supertipes" is one dog selected for working only, not for appear pretty or for show-dogs, now, that have come more breeders the problem start to appear because the standard is incomplet, here ( in the south) some breeders use this breed for working too, tink and try to conserve the working tipe. The true question about BCs is: One BC that cannot work, is not one BC. Now enter the problem that I say, breeders that make crosses with others breeds ( like dogue de bordeaux, old english bulldogue...), for put more body and one more "pretty and comercial" apearence in the dog, and sell with the BC's pedigree, these really is not BC.

    :wink: Paula

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