Comment to 'American Bully'
Comment to American Bully
  • [quote1299378971=cawkazn] [quote1299209815=Tonedog] Well I guess the point of a prong collar would be he is trying to stop them from pulling? Harnesses encourage pulling. Really I think a normal collar should be enough if you know how to get a dogs attention and get your point across. [/quote1299209815] can i walk 1 with a normal collar, yes. Can I walk 3 of them with a normal collar, yes but its not easy. The prong collar makes keeping them in control much easier, cause if they get out of line, I can correct them with it. I love my dogs but they are not my entire life. I work alot and have other hobbies of mine. I have not put in the time and effort to have my dogs obedience levels to that of a PP dog. They listen pretty darn good, but I do not have them to extreme stop on a dime type obedience. try walking 3 of them at once, and when they see another dog, cat, squirrel, or whatever, they pull. the prong collar enable me to correct them and walk 3 of them at once 1 handed. when i get to my secret spots, i unleash them. the spiked harness is really old, i got it when i first got my female 5 yrs ago, cause i thought it was "cool", she runs through the brush really fast and gets scratches on her chest, i tried it out on her that day to offer some "protection" to her chest area as for walking them I dont get to take them out much, so when I do I make the most of it. your comments here and in my other thread seem like somewhat of a attack for a lack of a better word. stating if you were in my shoes you wouldnt have gotten dogs, may be true, but hsit happens and I did not intentionally get to where i am today and have gone through a lot just to be able to keep my dogs. so if you dont got nothing nice to say keep your thoughts to yourself. thank you. [/quote1299378971] I can dig it. I'm a dog lover but I am also a working man. I work 9-11 hours a day so sometimes I can't walk the dogs as mush as I'd like too. Dog food and vet trips ain't cheao. Mans gotta earn to survive. And yes when I hit the woods we make the best of it. We will walk an hour and then take a break for about 15 minutes. Then hit the trail for another hour and a half and then take another 15-20 minute break. And so on and so on. I also understand why you have a prong collar even thought I do not use one. I hike in an area where there are 'coons, rabbits,goats, deer 'yotes and, from what I have heard, wild cats, mountain lions and a few odd wild hogs. I can put the brakes on two dogs if I have to but I doubt if I could hold three or more dogs that are making a run at a rabbit that has run across a trail. I think I might take a short hike this Sunday. Those pics got me ready to hit the trails.
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