Comment to 'American Bully'
Comment to American Bully
  • Most Bullies are indeed junk, but don't right off the possibility just because most can't deliver. Most Neapolitans can't deliver on the breed's hype and history IMO, but I am still open to the idea. I may personally prefer a more well rounded athlete and more drive than most bullies could ever dream of having, but that doesn't mean that all of them are junk. I have seen a rare few that weren't all bad and that had SOME glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is the people involved. Most people that THINK their dogs will protect really don't have any this means one would have to test the dogs themself. Also, let's not forget that Lucero's Jaws actually came from an unregistered AmStaff...which one could argue to be very similar to the larger and taller "bullies." The worst ones are going to be the ones that are overdone and short. A thick dog though can be hard to hurt, as they can be rather durable.
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