Comment to 'American Bully'
Comment to American Bully
  • [quote1299523329=cawkazn] [quote1299471485=davidfitness83] My dog would be considered xxl due to this specifications, most of his siblings are standard bullies. However he is pretty tall, I think he has a slight ressamblance to a mastiff but like I said earlier all the dogs in his pedigree are show dogs therefore limiting his ability. [/quote1299471485] I have tested him in a way, he doesn't have a mouth to tug. Maybe the dog respects me too much but he lacks biting power. The dog doesn't have great stamina and he is also not the most agile dog. I didn't have a decoy come out and try to attack me to see if he can do the job. BUt from simple observation on basic acitivities I don't think he qualifies for a good working. I also got his hips tested and they did not score so well, he is more of a great beast friend household pet who looks intimidating but that cannot excel if I needed him to lol We love him and that's all that matters, but he is no working dog and I have yet to see an American Bully built to the ABKC standard that can perform as well as a working mastiff and bullbreed cross. I love the American BUlly for what they are, great companions and great pets. If I need a dog to deter intruders and protect me from a wild beast I am not going to count on my dog to do that job lol i understand what you are saying and agree with you but i wouldnt cut him short just because of that. if you tested him out and he did his job, regardless of breed or pedigree, if the dog is doing his job, hes doing his job. [/quote1299523329]
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