Comment to 'Pups to Dogs'
Comment to Pups to Dogs
  • Theres a 40lb difference between Mom and Dad... just by average your male should be 85 or so lbs in good shape, he could hit 150 fat, ya know what I mean? I had a litter of AB about 11 years old, and there 6 males, 4 were exactly the average between mother and father, and 2 hit well above both parents, showing the hidden ingredients in their lines. 1 males hit 135lbs and stood 29 solid inches tall and the other was 120lbs at the same height, yet the other 4 were 80lbs in shape. My dogs were not Johnson line dogs either, they were a combination of rode hawg bulldogs and darkside bulldogs on the mothers side, and the fathers side was dorsey dogs. On another point, pups take 70% of their genetics from their Mothers. And females throw pups who are similar to their(females) father. As far as my search for a good GSD, Ive already found the place Id get one from, now I just have to decide if I want to pull the trigger on it or not.
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