Comment to 'Pups to Dogs'
Comment to Pups to Dogs
  • [quote1303241598=Crnosrce1] Acamper, Thanks for the kind words. Its been years since hes gone but I wouldnt mind 1 day trying another GSD. Also, if your AB is 11 months old, hes about as tall and heavy as he's gonna be. He will probably max out at 25 inches and 85 lbs. Perfect size for a working AB [/quote1303241598] Thanks I was hoping for about 25 and 90-100. Dad is about 105, mom 65. Who do they take their genes from? I know that's probably hard to answer but I guess people have monitored something like that over the years. It's good that you'd be willing to try a GSD again but I hear you have to REALLY search for a good one.
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