Comment to 'Dog Origins South of Yangtze River'
  • There is a new more extensive study just released September 1rst placing Dog Origins South of Yangtze River with all 10 halo-types present there, 9 in south China, south east China, Yunnan province. 7 in Japan, Korea, & central China, 5 in India, & south west Asia with only four in Europe & Africa. They believe from at least 51 female wolves less than 16,300 years ago from a population of hundreds. It probably started when they killed a few wolves that were eating garbage they then started to raise them for food as they still do after many generations they found other uses for them and they spread across the rest of the world with probably only 4 isolated regional breedings back to the wolf. This is the study at Oxford Journals you can download the 54 page manuscript and the 27 page Supplementary data on the top right of the page. A couple of news stories The Dingo can be traced back to south east Asia where about 6000 years ago the aboriginals traveled at least 50 km of ocean with there dogs that probably served a double purpose providing food one way or another. Eating dogs on ships is an old south Island custom the British wrote about in the early exploration of the Islands near Australia . Dingo link
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