Comment to 'Bandogs made by the cross APBT x Fila Brasileiro'
  • [quote=brazillianbandogge"][quote="LeeRobinson]BrazilianBandogge, To help get this topic back on you have any video footage of any fila bred bandogs doing any off leash protection work. Personally, I have found the fila to be very defensive, but to lack nerve and lack the confidence needed for off leash if you have any footage of such I would enjoy seeing it.[/quote] My breeding program have been designed to fit the Brazilian Farmes needs. In my standard anyone could read that the temperament and conformation have this focus. The farmers do not need trainning dog .....they need a dog that do not eat to much, less agressive with all domestic animals, medium size 40kg, and rustic , resistent to all disease common here and protective with ojeriza to strangers. The guardian style is for defend the family, a home guardian. The rusticity is the major focus. The old filas from 1900's used by farmers were sort of dogs that received from time to time some infusion of pure Bulldogs and MAstiffs also hounds and these is the real fila a dog with vigor passing by the new blood and with natural selection. The modern tests are a good tools like OFA exams but the farmers dont like papers they like to see the rusticity. To be more clearly the average % of mortality in my kennels in farm places is around 90% .So just 10% survive from young age to adult. NATURAL SELECTION.[/quote] Again, where is the documented scientific proof that your mutts are resistent to all disease ? I am not talking about your own self promotion, but the documented scientific proof.
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