Comment to 'Bandogs made by the cross APBT x Fila Brasileiro'
  • [quote="LeeRobinson"]Coming from a person that has never worked a dog in his life and has only bred show dogs...I can understand why you don't know what to look for even if a video was provided for you; however, some people would know what to look for...and for those of us that do a good video (if done right) can tell me more about a [u]dog[/u] than any title.[/quote] Well, coming from someone who has never gotten a show title, working title, temperment certification or health clearance of any kind I will take your comment with the lage grain of salt it deserves. The fact remains that working titles for people that claim to breed working dogs are absolutley essential and should be demanded by that client base. Us "show people" are unlikely to by from a breeder that doesn't show and just claims that they have superior stock. I do not see why "working dog" people should not demand the same level of subjective excellence? Again, I will use the auto tuner analogy. Why would someone dedicated to high performance buy a high performance engine from a company with no history of racing? Answer, they wouldn't.
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