Comment to 'Bandogs made by the cross APBT x Fila Brasileiro'
  • [blockquote]Of course you can say that Lee, you have never had a dog proven by subjective means and I doubt you ever will.[/blockquote] I think you mean objective means?...but, yes...I have. Do you think a professional like Roger Abshire of USK9 would be interested in my dogs without testing them? He provides dogs to police, military, and private business. He owns a perfect scoring KNPV dog. He also gave me a stainless steel 4 dog airconditioned trailer for 2 pups. Also, there is a French Ring level II certified decoy (which is the highest level of certification one can get in FR) that owns a K9 business and security company that wants 2 dogs from me for his own personal K9 guardians. He also travels the country to provide seminars throughout the country for police departments and last year decoyed in more FR competitions than any other decoy. He has done SchH, FR, KNPV, and more things than I can remember. There are many others. My dogs are owned not only by individuals looking for guardians, but also police officers that desire to have a home guardian after working with thugs all day...every day. So...Do you think these types of professionals made these decisions blindly? Real world people Ostrich don't stay on messageboards all day...which is why I have stated you waste too much of my valuable time. The truth has been provided for you. If you want to be an ostrich and keep your head in the sand so be it. It is a free world and you are welcome to be as ignorant (uninformed) as you wish to be.
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