Comment to 'Bandogs made by the cross APBT x Fila Brasileiro'
  • Here is another fact...a few of the top trainers in the country that are responsible for training, titling, and decoying for MANY of the top FR dogs in the country and providing service dogs don't have just have a few dogs from other people, but want their own PP dogs to come from me. Now, why do I know they these trainers know dogs...well, because some of them are the best in the business. Some provide dogs to police, military, or private business with serious protection K9 needs. Another is a French Ring level II decoy (the highest level decoy one can get and there are only 11 such titled decoys in the country. Yet, after becoming very familiar with my dogs and their ability to work...this particular trainer wants not one, but two of my dogs for HIS OWN personal estate guardians to live in HIS HOME...and to be "demo" dogs for his K9 security business when he travels to do demonstrations. I think these facts are far more important an impressive than getting a title of a dog trained for a routine...and many professional trainers would agree.
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