Comment to 'Bandogs made by the cross APBT x Fila Brasileiro'
  • [blockquote]How many litters have you had with APBT x Fila? What is temperment like is it consistent in the litter and how are their health? [/blockquote] 4 litters. In the F1 its impossible for any breed mix. I use health dogs from both sides , the problem is that Filas have some genetic problems because the heavy weight they have.... and the cross with apbt increase the vigor so could be born a dog that have some problem in low % and not show (hiden). The selection were made from the Famers no for me. I have been rescue those good dogs to my breeding when i need some characteristic... I have been using some knowlodge to select because i know my one bloodline.I have some lines in 11 generations till now. [blockquote] The old brazillian Fila's with no socialization and high ojeriza are they similar to your APBT x Fila bandogge?[/blockquote] Similar but different too. [blockquote]Where did you find the white Fila and did you use it in your program is he still in your breeding progam?[/blockquote] The white fila is not allowed by FCI and those line were rare. I deleted the white fila because they had scabies.Most of white dogs with rose skin have scabies and in Brazil weather these disease is a real problem. [blockquote]How often does a litter produce a white Fila?[/blockquote] I dont know.
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