Comment to 'Bandogs made by the cross APBT x Fila Brasileiro'
  • Marcos: "To be more clearly the average % of mortality in my kennels in farm places is around 90% .So just 10% survive from young age to adult." There seems to be a definate problem there. All dogs need to be cared for, spend time with, bond and form a relationship with one's dogs. Giving a dog the attention they deserve goes a long way in raising a psychologically and physically healthy dog. If excessive heat is an issue dogs should be brought into an area where they have shelter overhead and an area to cool down and always have plenty of water to drink in their bowls. Even if this area is outdoors in a kennel atmosphere as long as it has boards overhead to block the sun and a large fan blowing fresh air on the dogs, water bowls and a "kids pool" where the dogs can cool off in. Rusticity shouldn't be used as excuse for such a high mortality rate. I remember what happened to the Johnson Bulldogs you took in and what happened. I'm starting to question your breeding practices and whether you should be breeding at all. :evil:
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