Comment to 'Feeding a Raw Diet'
  • For anyone interested in feeding a raw diet, there is now a very good resource page at which was started by a member of the Yahoo group called Rawfeeding. I've raised 3 Caucasian Ovcharka puppies on a raw diet from weaning and they are in superb condition. The site and group mentioned here do not follow the BARF model, since a carnivores diet generally doesnt include veggies, and BARF is often uneccessarily complex and expensive compared to the prey model which is based on raw meaty bones. If you've looked at BARF and decided it was too complex or time consuming, check out this alternative to a less processed, grain free way of feeding. I've had dogs all my life, 3 on commercial dog foods including kibble before I got my first CO and switched to raw (what his breeder fed). I would never go back, the differences in health, fitness, and general calm are striking. Michelle
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