Comment to 'Feeding a Raw Diet'
  • Gary - Nothing negative not directed at Paco. It was my thoughts reference: "Because of these differences in wild canines (especially the wolf) "the dog is a wolf so it must eat x,y and z" or it won't be healthy rules. That whole paradigm just drives me nuts because most of those authors are really clueless about what and how wolves eat and haven't even seen them eat in the wild like you have let alone in captivity. " As Paco is driven crazy by Wolf/Dog comparisons, I get irritated with the "mystic" wolf culture. Physilogically the Wolves, Coyote, Jackels, & domestic dogs are the BASICALLY the same. Of course ANY Wolf or Dog that has it's diet dramitically changed is going to have issues. That's a point that gets trotted out regularly that has no objective scientic value.
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