Comment to 'Feeding a Raw Diet'
  • se it like this.. a person can live a long life, even they eat burgers and french fries every day, or frozen diners made in the microwave . But its not healty and they dont get as strong, or pretty as they could, on that diet. And there immune system does not get as strong, as it could be. Most important, they dont live as long, as they could on a healthy diet. thats the same with the dogs. some meat is designed for the dog stummack,and some isent. pig contains to much fat. cow, wich is the tuffest kind of meat for the dog to digest, is bad in two ways. first of all, it contains urin acid, and the dog cant digest more that 40-50% off the meat. It allso give stummack pain to the dog. bird do not contain enough protein, to satisfie the dogs system. I only wrote this to be frendly and helpfull, nothing else. My knowledge regarding this, comes from my education as a vet nurce, and 29 years of experience with feeding raw food to my dogs. you can use my advise or not, its up to you. but please no stupid comments, thats not nice, when people just try to help..
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