Comment to 'What would be the best LGD for MY situation?'
  • Thank you for all your replies! I have two favorites (again) and not an easy decision... 


    GSICARD - so in your experience CO are not an overkill? I must admit that I like them but I have yet to see one in a situation other than on a dog show (and show dogs are not always the best for working), and even there I have not seen many of them. But I have heard from many that they can be short tempered (and that some lines - military - have also been known to turn on their handler). I do want a protective dog, but it does have to be OK with MY family....I know that this should be true for all the LGDs, but ....

    So if I do decide on the CO - would you recomend the "aboriginal" type? Like these breeders from Russia? (  ; ) or do you have a kennel you could recomend me? (known for work tho if it looks pretty I don't mind :) ). I can get a dog from Russia or anywhere in Europe.


    Still thinking about the šar tho...I don't want another Karst shepherd as unfortunately, I don't believe they are what they have been...None of the dogs bred today are like my late dog...But Šars I like.

    Do you perhaps know where to get a good representative (for LGD) of the sharplaninatz


    Hm...I like both breeds so much....I would like to find good breeders of both breeds and than I think it would be easier to decide...

    Help please :)


    If I understand correctly - you suggest to get two unrelated dogs both as puppies at the same time? Or wait for the one to grow a bit? I am thinking two dogs but when they are around 8 or 9, get younger ones (and keep the eldery of course :) )



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