Comment to 'Dog Health and Welfare'
  • We are fortunate to have a barn, with an extra stall, bedded with deep straw for our working dogs to go to.  During the coldest times, we add extra fat to the dog’s meals.  I do note that they up their food requirement in the winter weather. A little more food, fat and a place out of the wind and rain, not much for those protecting 40 acres and a lot of livestock. 

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    • Thank you for sharing. Your dogs look very healthy and fit as good working dogs should. I see you get them to lay down by size.. :)

      Down where we live in South Texas - the summer heat is the real problem for the Caucasians.  So-they have the Air conditioned Shed and it also allows us to have visitor and workers come to the property when we want them to.

      In the summer their meal sometimes go uneaten but as it cools down they eat all their food.

      Great observation. thank you

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      • Hope your working dogs have enjoyed the blast of winter weather that we are having. My Caucasians are loving it and getting very frisky.

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