Comment to 'Change my view- No such thing as "mastiffs"'
  • What I find absolutely amazing is how scientists can say and write so much and still have no reasonable conclusion and get away with it. 

    "We find that the modern and ancient genomic data are consistent with a single origin for dogs, though a scenario involving multiple closely related wolf populations remains possible. However, in our view, the geographical origin of dogs remains unknown. Previously suggested points of origin based upon present-day patterns of genomic diversity (2, 8, 10) or affinities to modern wolf populations (12) are sensitive to the obscuring effects of more recent population dynamics and gene flow. Ultimately, integrating DNA from dogs and wolves even older than those analyzed here with archaeology, anthropology, ethology, and other disciplines is needed to determine where and in which environmental and cultural context the first dogs originated."

    Basically, they don't really know what happened.  However, on one of their Chart is something called the Tibetan Mastiff - which, if historically accurate, would indicate there were some form of heavy dogs that were adopted to the altitude already - giving rise to the TM or Dho Kyi.

    Anyhow - this is a very interesting topic.  Maybe if all participants share it on Social Networks it may get us some new participants


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