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Paul is a great little working dog. He is pint sized but has a giant heart, He is courageous. He is always willing to work. He loves the water. When he returns with the toy he is back on the ramp ready to dive in again and again, He doesn't get tired. I have to make him get some rest. Trying to keep the training sessions shorts. I don't want to overdue it and burn him out if that is possible.   Thanks to Flying Dog Acres for allowing us Dock Diving time to work our dogs!!
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  This is her 2nd time going dock diving. She is already swimming better. Her prey drive is amazing. She is very determine to get her prey. I tried to call her off. I didn't want her to climb out over the side. As you can see she is insists on getting the toy no matter what, It will not be long before she jumping off of the dock. She might be a future Dock Diving Champion. More to come from this Game Patterdale Terrier.   We must thank Flying Dog Acres for allowing us to practice and learn!
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MQH Paul training for dock diving. He is a very smart Patterdale Terrier. He loves to work. He loves swimming. Soon he will be Dock Diving.  Of course he loves to hunt. He is a working dog. We have also been training for agility, rally, barn hunt and more.   
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Sash first time swimming and her first time trying to dock dive. She has a lot of prey drive. It will not be long before she is dock diving.  
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in? Did you choose the breed of dogs that you own? I chose the Perro De Presa Canario because of it size they are intimidating. I Ike that they are known to have a great on and off switch. I didn't know what that was until I met a Presa. I live in an urban environment.  I want a dog that will protect my family.  The Presa has the size and temperament to do that job well.i also love that they are bred to be companion dogs.    When I saw a 150lbs dog with a prey drive to go up a straight tree almost above my head to hunt a squirrel on command I found my breeder!   If I had a lot of land I might have chosen a Caucasian, Burmese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees or a Komodore. If I wanted to compete in a dog sport like iPO or the French Ring I might have chosen a Belgium Malinois, GSD, Dutch Shepard  or Tervuren. If I owned cattle or other livestock that needed herding I possibly would have chosen a GSD or Australian Cattle Dog.   I gave some of my reasons. Let's hear about why you chose your dig breeds.
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