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The "night dog" referred to is, of course, the Bullmastiff, the only British breed ever specifically produced for guard duties and from the two oldest, purest and bravest breeds. Technically created in modern times, it existed for centuries in the form of the lighter Mastiff when used as a hunting dog, and the bigger, faster Bulldog when used for bull-baiting. It can be argued that the Bullmastiff is a truer descendant of the original Bulldog than the modern breed of that very name.
Hello friends - it is cold in South Texas this weekend. Can you believe the weather guesser is forcasting 9 degrees F?
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If you are like me and get too many emails already, you can turn off notification by following this link.
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Did you know that the first Bull Mastiffs were brought in the guard one of the estates of John D. Rockefeller? Read this nice article on Modern Molosser.
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A Detroit police officer shot someone’s dog that posed no threat inside its own fence after he lost control of his own K9. The officer is then seen reaching for her gun and firing a fatal shot at the white dog’s head, which police believe was a pit bull. Read more....
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This is a cool video.. what do you think?
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In this video you will see some of the antics of service dogs that do not pass the test.  Before being certified as service dogs there are very stringent tests that the dogs must pass. These are a few of the fails.  Enjoy.
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Have you ever been out walking  your dogs and someone comes up to your dog and start "petting" him/her without asking. Well, if you have a cute little dog of the toy type they may feel comfortable doing that. We have never had anyone do that to our dogs because they are big and scary looking.  However, admirers should always ask first... Read this funny article to learn more.
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In this article by Brandy Arnold she explains three steps you can take to avoid ruining your new pup. It is a good article and well worth reading here.
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The Dupuy Pointer is know in France as the Braque Dupuy and owes its name to the Frenchman who created the breed. It is sometimes also know as the Greyhound Pointer, Greyhound Braque or the Braque Levrier. This tall, elegant and powerful breed was more strongly influenced than the other French pointers by the introduction of the English Pointer blood during its creation in the 19th century. It is suggested there were even some influence from the infusion of Greyhound or Sloughi in its ancestry. This assumption is borne out by the 'sight hound shape' of its long, narrow head, narrow head and racy structural shape. There are several theories about how the breed originated: It was a local variant of the French Pointer (Braque Francais), with a white-and-chestnut coat, which had been pure-bred for 200 years at the estate of the Marquis of Rochelambert, where it was refined and perfected by a Poitou stock-breeder by the name of Dupuy. It was an ancient French breed that was nearly exterminated during the ravages of the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century and survived because some dogs were hidden in the Abby of Argensois, where they were protected by a devoted game warden called Dupuy. It was created at the beginning of the 19th century, in Poitou, where it was developed by two gamekeeper brothers named Homere and Narcisse Dupuy.The mated their own liver and white bitch French Pointer with a Sloughi called Zidar, imported from North Africa by a Lieutenant Roy of the 33rd Artillery Regiment. The breed was created at the beginning of the 19th century by a French huntsman called Pierre Dupuy who owned a wonderful pointer bitch called Leda which he mated with a dog of unknown ancestry called Mylord, to produce the litter of puppies which were to become the foundation stock of the Dupuy breed. The breed was created from a cross between an exceptional Poitou Pointer and an imported Greyhound. It is not unusual to have several vague theories a out the origin of a little-known breed of dog, but in this case, the contrasting stories are all so specific and the surfeit of Dupuys is embarrassing. It is perhaps not surprising that, with such confusion and contradiction about its history.  An official breed standard did not become known until the 1960s. The Dupuy Pointer stands 26 to 27 inches (65-69 cm). The coat pattern is basically white, with dark brown patches and some ticking. The tail is undocked.  This lively, intelligent, dignified breed is little-known outside France and is extremely rare even inside the country. Some authors believe that is may now be extinct, although this is not certain. One author insists that it had 'disappeared completely' by 1940, but in that case it contradicts the FCI granting a breed recognition on 21 June 1963.
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