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Let’s face it, not very many breeders or Neo’ owners elect to do so. They make this choice for various reasons, which is solely up to them. If they bought and feed the dog, it is their dog or program. I am not here to judge them, I also do not force my clients to work their dogs. I breed towards a balanced animal that Can perform but will also do well in a active home environment, when trained properly. My preference and selection is geared towards a higher energy dog due to the activities I train for.

Why I choose to work my dogs? Because working with them forms a unshakeable bond between the dog and I. Training them properly to bite doesn’t make them dangerous. It makes them safer, because the dog looks to me prior to responding. Working a dog makes a partnership, the dog proves its worth by performance. It also allows me to see it’s faults and weaknesses. Which all dogs have, be it in mind or body there is no perfect animal. I personally want to know each dogs strength and weaknesses, as it allows me to create the next step in my program without having to guess and hope.

Personal protection is what I focus on training wise, but it is not the only or end all be all to train your dog within. Not every home or person has the time needed to dedicate to this type of training. To train a dog to bite is something to not take lightly and one must understand that to do so, you must take every precaution to ensure you have a safe animal around people and in public space. This form of training should never be ego driven, or done at home without a dedicated trainer. With that being said, Neapolitan Mastiffs can compete in many types of sports, to name a few dock diving, weight pull, nose work, barn hunt, tracking and agility can all be done with a Neo’ too. I find that Neo’s truly want to have a job, they thrive when they understand what is expected of them. If you are looking to work your Neo’ but unsure where to start, please don’t hesitate to message me. No matter if your dog is Mayhem bred or from another, I am always willing to help!

Many issues can arise from allowing you dog to become obese. Not only will you shorten the lifespan of the dog, up to two years off an already short life. The other health consequences of these extra pounds are just as terrible: overweight Neapolitans put greater stress on their joints, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. Over weight dogs are more prone to injury, and are at a higher risk during surgery. Bitches kept over weight that are to be bred have a greater chance of whelping complications then a fit female. But you as the owner and breeder can help your dog’s health, start today and set down that dog treat! Here is a better way to look at it; a full size milk bone has the nutritional value of one snickers candy bar. We can change this obesity epidemic one dog at a time and most likely, get to live a few years longer with our beloved Mastini! With keeping our dogs fit and changing their lifestyle, the average life expectancy for our breed may change for the better.

Now let’s get down to business understanding your Neapolitan's Body Condition. I would like you to take a good look at your dog while it’s standing. Can you see the dog’s waist line? What about your neo’s abdominal tuck? Not quite sure where to look? The tuck is the area behind the ribs before the hips. It should be smaller around than the chest, just like humans. Also you should be able to glide your hands across the ribs and feel them; if you are having to push down to locate then your dog is too heavy. Basically when you feel across your dog, you should be able to locate your animal’s bones. If they are buried and the substance over them is squishy, it is not muscle.

Letting your animal live its life obese is a death sentence, ticking down until something gives. As we all work together to breed healthier Neapolitan Mastiff’s we need to also give these animals’ healthier lives. Exercise and a proper diet are very important to keep our dogs stimulated and healthy. Take your dog for a walk, not only do you bond with your animal but you help it build muscle and lose any unwanted pounds. Start off with small walks paying close attention to your dog’s breathing, you do not want to over work a dog that is not used to exercise. A healthy Mastino can and will thrive on long walks, swimming in lakes or oceans and even jogging. Even my older Neapolitan mastiffs love to go jogging with me and typically will still want to run even after I’m dragging my butt to the door back inside. Just like any athlete, one needs to train to be able to compete.

To me this is what many show dogs are lacking, a job and the muscle tone resulting from being worked. There is no need to add extra weight on an animal because of wanting to show. The added weight actually becomes a hindrance for the dog and can also change the dog’s movement in a negative fashion. Neapolitan Mastiffs were created to slowly develop into a formidable beast. Trying to rush the process will only take away from your dog, not build the animal into a better Neapolitan Mastiff.

How much exactly should you be feeding your Mastino, I’m glad you asked! Below you will find an easy method to calorie count what you should be feeding your Neapolitan Mastiff. First you will need to figure out your dog’s weight in kilos x 30 +70= this is for a low activity dog. For a moderately active dog take the above and x 1.5, highly active x2, nursing bitch x3. Above is flexible depending on the dog, its age and activities planned for the animal. Any treats given to a dog need to also be added to the amount of calories given per day, if you like to give treats make sure to cut down the portions fed!

My expectations are high with my dogs. I do not feel that they should be carried, ran inside if the temperature is over or under a certain degree, or be treated as they are made of glass. These are working dogs and are treated as such in my house. If you are looking for a dog to sit around and need very little training this is not your site or your breed in my opinion. We live on a farm, all dogs with me spend a lot of time outside running the fields. I do not limit what they are allowed to do.

Owning a Neapolitan Mastiff is a lot like trying to manage a bull in a china shop. Most do not understand their power and size, can easily knock down a adult with their excitement not to mention can and will damage your finest possessions. To cultivate a healthy relationship with this type of dog takes time, patience and understanding. I highly recommend hiring a trainer to assist you in making a balanced safe pet for you to enjoy for many years to come. This breed does best in a experienced home, as they can be difficult, dominant and head strong. With that being said, they are also extremely loyal, intelligent and when properly introduced great with children. I find the breed to be versatile and in general enjoy being involved in just about any activity I have trained them withi

Mayhem’s Pickles is a lovely female out of Mayhem’s Chemical Warfare (Aka Bosco) and Elysium de Bluhouse. This female is harmoniously balanced between structure, breed type and function. Her movement is fluid and beautiful to watch, she carries a lot of her sires physical attributes and abilities. Her willingness to please and her sweet nature towards her people make her a joy to own. We have big plans for her, please check back for more updates soon.

Mayhem’s Mr. Cupcake is out of Mayhem’s Chemical Warfare (Aka Bosco) x Elysium de Bluhouse. He is a large male, but his size doesn’t seem to hinder him in any way. He has great movement, lovely temperament and is an easy keeper. His personality is everything that I look for in a dog, which is good with his people but standoffish towards strangers. Cupcake is not overly aggressive in nature, but when pushed he comes out swinging. Right now we are focusing on his show championship, but hope to start working him on the field soon. Check back for more updates on him. We have high hopes for this dogs future.

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