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Hi! I would like to share here,that my book is finally published.It took two years to gather information,interviews,make a translations ,editing..and it's here at Amazon,as Kindle or paperback.

Hello! My name is Katerina. I have Central Asians from 1994

We have small kennel in Michigan and our dogs are our family

I do have blog at the website where i do add some chapters from my future book about Central Asian dogs

here video of our Safar and unknown vehicle( we had beeper at gates so if someone pass it i know i need to go and hide dogs)

Hello CAS,

thank you for joining us and welcome to Molosser Dogs. We are huge fans of the Central Asian Shepherd dogs. You could create a group for the CAS here also if you like as there is not a group for them yet. Be the first to have the group by following this link.



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