boa D'7ISLAS album by feerrios

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In this album we will post photos captured from movies. Your challenge is to try to guess the movie. Have fun.
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dogs from different sources, books , magazines, old pictures.
In this album lets post some photos/ images that are generated by artificial intelligence systems.
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perro de presa canario female 9 months
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Dogs that I see or have in Islamabad
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WE ACCEPT RESERVATIONS FOR PUPPIES JUST NOW! WE ARE EXPECTING THE BIRTH OF THE PUPPIES IN 11-14th FEBRUARY 2021! Gorgeous PUPPIES are expected from EXCLUSIVE PARENTS! Two exceptional dogs with a rich pedigree with beautiful looks and types.  To make this connection, I had to drive 3,500 km to bring an exceptional Russian young male / ILDAR, RU / into our kennel. For us it is a unique combination of two extraordinary dogs! We have been waiting for this combination of two dogs of exceptional quality for several years! A puppy will stay with us too. In the pedigree of the puppy is the WORLD CHAMPIONS from WW 2013, V-WW 2015, WW 2016, JWW 2017, CH RU, CLUB CHAMPION RU etc.!!!  Also dogs with
Two beautiful Central Asian Puppies from #ruskiizvor #polina
Two brothers - OLIGARH & OFFICER comming from RUSKI IZVOR kennel FCI. #Ruskiizvor #Polina  | Edit:  Added an organization
This is the album to chronicle the arrival and development of our newest puppy from Ruski Izvor Kennel Ruskizvor  #Pandora Enjoy!