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The Moroccan Aidi has been used as a herder and protector of livestock for centuries throughout the Atlas Mountains. This rugged worker changed very little, if at all, for over 2000 years and is one of the oldest standardized breeds of the region. The Aidi is related to the near-extinct Algerian Mastiff, but should not be confused with that breed. Primarily a shepherd's companion and protector of settlements, it also makes an excellent hunting dog, due to its good scenting powers and strong prey-drive. In Marakesh and other larger cities it is also used as a watchdog and a family pet, but the breed does much better in rural environments.

Very intelligent and independent, a well-socialized Moroccan Aidi is a friendly Molosser, but not a people-pleaser by any stretch. Neither vicious nor overly territorial, the Chien de l'Atlas is nonetheless a committed and capable property protector and can be unfriendly towards strange dogs. Even though it is fairly lupoid in facial features, this is a typical mountain Moloss breed of the light "bear" type, well adapted to the extreme weather conditions of the region and valued for its resilience and stamina. Aidi is a well muscled, deep chested dog, although quite a bit leaner than most Molossers. The coat is strong and harsh, usually around 2 to 3 inches in length.

This wonderful dog comes in a variety of white-based colourings, but pure white, red, fawn, brindle and tricolour dogs are commonly found as well. Average height is around 25 inches.

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