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American Indian Dog

This breed was developed by Russel \"Kim\" LaFlamme as an attempt to reproduce the dogs of Native American Plains Indian tribes. The original Indian dogs were used as guardians, herders and hunters by the Native Americans, but they faced extinction with the arrival of Europeans to the North American continent. LaFlamme claims that his dogs are \"pure\" American Indian Dogs, descended from original bloodlines he acquired from a Canadian tribe forty years ago. However, there are reports that suggest that LaFlamme actually started his breeding programme in the 1980\'s and the he used Australian Kelpies, Dingoes, German Shepherds, Huskies, Border Collies and various wolf hybrids, alongside a number of coyotes and native dogs as his foundation stock. There are other breeders and \"preservation\" programmes out there as well, but it is unlikely that ANY of the so-called \"Native\" breeds are in reality pure or close to the original American dogs.

The American Indian Dog is wolf-like in appearance, coming in a variety of sizes, coat-types and colours. They are advertised as good family pets, natural herders and capable watchdogs, but as it is the case with other similar breeds, reports of shy and unstable temperaments are common. Still, with proper socialization and training, the American Indian Dog can make an agreable companion.

Any coat texture and colour is allowed. The height ranges from 20 inches to 30 inches at the withers.

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