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Atlas Terrier

The rare Atlas Terrier was developed in the United States from Jack Russell Terriers, Patterdale Terriers, Border Terriers and Rat Terriers by Lauren Wolfe, who initially wanted to improve the health of her Jack Russell Terriers, but then opted for the creation of a completely new breed. This is a tenacious and resilient working dog, posessing all of the best qualities of its parent breeds, but without the health issues associated with some of them. An excellent small game hunter, the Atlas Terrier is also an agreable family pet, thanks to its loving personality and trainability. However, this driven little worker needs early socialization to help control its tendency to chase small animals and possible confrontations with other dogs. Alert, playful and easily bored, the Atlas Terrier requires plenty of excercise to prevent destructive behaviour, both inside the house and in the yard. This lovely dog is still uncommon even in America, but the Atlas Terrier Association was established in 2001, to help promote the breed, but also to ensure proper and responsible breeding practices and health testing. Strongly built and muscular, the Atlas Terrier has sturdy legs, a fairly broad chest and a powerful head. The tail is usually docked for working dogs, but it isn't a requirement for companions.

Coming in both the smooth-coated and wire-haired varieties, the Atlas Terrier can be seen in any colour, including solid, bicolour and merle, with minimal white markings. The breed has been classified into three sizes, these being the Toy, Miniature and Standard Atlas Terrier, ranging in height from 9 inches to 16 inches at the withers.

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This profile gives a very accurate description of the origin, purpose and current status of the breed. You may find some of the information published here to be different from what you will read in breed books, published encyclopedias and on other websites. Unlike the articles usually found in most of those sources, the MD breed Profiles are a result of many years of actual research and travelling around the world. However, since most of the Profiles have been written over the course of the past 15 years, some of them might need to be updated. We do not distort the information, but rather state our perspective on the breeds based on our extensive research and contributed information. If you have any additional info that you believe we might find interesting, feel free to let us know about it. Constructive feedback is welcome - disparaging remarks are not. Enjoy!
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