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Blue Lacy

Developed in the mid-1800's by the Lacy family of Marble Falls, Texas, the versatile Blue Lacy remains a very popular working breed in America. There are numerous theories about the origin of the breed, from it being a cross between a coyote and an English Greyhound, to this dog descending from a variety of breeds, such as the Mountain Cur, Pit Bull Terrier, Weimaraner, July Hound, Italian Greyhound, Red Bone Coonhound and a number of common herding dogs of undisclosed origin, believed to be mostly Border Collies. Whatever its true heritage may be, the Texas Blue Lacy is a phenomenal working breed, used as a reliable ranch watchdog, dedicated livestock herder and a tenacious hunter, prized for its great speed and agility.


This is a very energetic dog, thriving on activity and mental stimulation. Trainable, well-mannered and obedient, it makes an excellent family pet, although it needs a fair amount of exercise and socialization. This breed gets along with other dogs within its hunting pack, but can sometimes be unfriendly towards strange dogs, especially if raised as a single pet. There is also a tendency to chase small animals, so responsible handling is important. The Blue Lacy is a strongly built and muscular breed, generally healthy and resilient. Deep-chested, well-boned and lean, it is a very agile and athletic worker. Some specimens have docked tails, but the majority of dogs are unaltered.

The coat is short, smooth and flat, preferred in solid blue/grey shades, but red, fawn, yellow and tri-colored dogs are common, as are small white markings on the chest. Average height is around 20 inches, but taller examples exist.

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