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Bohemian Spotted Dog

This lively breed was created after the 2nd World War by the biologists at the Czechoslovakian Academy of Science. There is a number of theories concerning the exact circumstances that led to the development of the Bohemian Spotted Dog, from it being an accidental success achieved by crossing German Shepherds, Czech Mountain Dogs and Slovakian Watchdogs with a variety of hounds, terriers and mongrels for scientific experiments to it actually being a result of planned efforts to create a new breed of dog. Whatever its true background might be, the Horak Laboratory Dog was bred to a set standard and by the late 1950's the type was fully established. The breed was first shown in 1961 and became popular as an urban companion immediately. However, the Academy gave up on its creation altogether and it seemed like the Bohemian Spotted Dog had no real staying power.

Fortunately, its good temerament and simple, yet attractive appearance kept it in demand among the Prague families and many private breeders were successful in salvaging the Strakaty Pes and increasing its population in the 1990's. Very intelligent and energetic, this squarely built, medium-sized rugged dog is an ideal playmate for children and a dedicated property watchdog.

The coat is dense and flat, always white with darker markings. Average height is around 18 inches.

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