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Bosnian Rough-Coated Hound

Although dogs of near-identical appearance have existed since ancient times in the Balkans, the Bosnian Barak breed was reportedly developed by hunters in the 17th century from the Bosnian Jamar, which was crossed with Serbian Hounds, Bosnian Foxhounds and a variety of bearded shepherds, terriers, sighthounds and local pariah dogs. Apart from periodical influx of the Jamar blood, the Barak has been bred to an established type since the late 1800's and it remained a prized tracker of foxes, hares, rabbits, wild boars and other game throughout the 20th century. Surviving both of the World Wars and steadily gaining popularity throughout Yugoslavia, the breed seemed destined to become rare or even extinct during the Bosnian civil war in the 1990's, but unlike the fate of some of its cousins, the Barak's numbers were successfully maintained.

An excellent scenthound, the Bosnian Rough-Coated Hound can also make a capable watchdog, thanks to its energetic, intuitive and alert personality. This breed is a good family pet, loving of children and devoted to its owner. Muscular, athletic, healthy and resilient, the Barak is equally comfortable living outside as it is in an apartment.

The coat is dense, rough and wiry, most commonly seen in fawn, wheaten and red shades, with or without black "saddle" markings. Average height is around 19 inches.

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