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Boz Shepherd

According to it's fanciers, the Boz Shepherd is an ancient livestock guardian landrace originating from the South and east side of Turkey near the area's of Ufra, Tuzkoy, and Konya. They where used to protect livestock against wolves, bears, Striped hyena's, and even Asiatic Lions. However many people disagree with this. Another idea is, it is a designer breed created for fighting in Pakistan Istanbul by a man named Akin Tibulas who is also the breed's current representative.

However the most plausible conclusion is that it is a ancient livestock landrace that has been recently influenced, used, and bred for fighting.  

Boz Shepherds also known as Guregh, come in various lines for different purposes such as for fighting and livestock guarding. Breeders and enthusiast have been trying to sell the Boz shepherd as as a livstockguardian and family protection dog when it is in fact a fighting dog as well. Promoters of the breed claim that they use dog fights for only breeding purposes to create a better livestock guardian and protection dog. Although this seem's unlikely because Boz dog's have been reported and seen being used in various dog fighting tournaments, with a huge empthasis of creating a better fighting dog. And unfortunately this breed has scammers who are selling these dog's as a livestock guardian when their dogs come from fighting lines and are fighting dog's.

Said to be extremely dog and animal aggressive depending on which particular lines of dogs they come from. However this breed is not as human aggressive as they are dog aggressive. Unfortunately a lot of specimens are having poor temperament and health problems due to poor quality breeding. Boz Shepherds average 28 to 32 inches at the shoulder. Despite the claims of Boz dogs being known as getting up to 36 inches at the shoulder this is extremely rare and is probably false. With a max weight of 180lbs for freak individuals they more average 100 lbs to 150 lbs with males being larger than females on average. This breed should be an extremely athletic breed able to run fast speeds with great muscle tone. The Boz shepherd is first and foremost a working dog, whether it will be guarding, livestock guarding, hunting, or fighting. This is an extremely hardy breed capable of dealing with various temperatures with little food or water, this is a breed for mature, experienced, and intelligent dog owners. This dog needs to be working if it is to be happy.  

Age can vary, depending on health problems. But if they are healthy, disease free and come from good breeding's they can last 12 to 15 years.

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