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Brazilian Bullmastiff

The modern incarnation of the Brazilian Bandogge is a recently created protection breed, developed by crossing the American Pit Bull Terrier with the Fila Brasileiro and the English Bullmastiff, but a small percentage of Tosa Inu blood has admittedly been used as well. After experimenting with breeds such as the Weimaraner, Bullterrier, Boxer, Patterdale Terrier and others early in the programme, the creator of the Brazilian Bandogge settled on the use of the best available representatives of true rural Cabecudo-style Filas, imported game Pits and working lines of the Bullmastiff breed.

This powerful bandog is an extremely territorial and aggressive property guardian and personal protection dog, being more agile, as well as more driven than the Brazilian Mastiff. Intended to be the ultimate property protector and farm dog, this Molosser has a strong "ojeriza" instinct and very little tolerance for strangers, but is devoted to its master and gentle with children it shares the home with. The Bandogue Brasileiro is primarily a working dog, but it can also make an amenable companion for experienced and responsible owners. This rugged bandog has been recognized as a rare breed by the W.B.M.O. registry in the United States.

Early and broad socialization is needed to help control its natural dislike of strangers and a somewhat confrontational attitude towards other dogs, although animal aggression is undesired. Reportedly healthy and intelligent, this is a fairly large, compact and agile dog, with a muscular body, strong bones and a powerful head.

However, being a breed in development, the appearance of the breed isn't very uniformed, so there are still some dogs that resemble the old type Fila Brasileiro from the 1890's quite a bit, while others are closer to a Moseley-style Bullmastiff from the 1920's or a typical Bandog in terms of physical build and size. The ears are left unaltered. The nose is black and black masks are common in the breed.

The coat is short and flat, seen in a great variety of colours, either solid or with white markings, with fawn, red and brindle shades being preferred.

Average height is around 25 inches, but larger examples exist.

Bullmastiff Brasileiro Standard

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