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Canis Panther

Contrary to some myths, the breed was not created for hunting panthers or any other large cats, but was instead developed solely for superiour protection duties. The Canis Panther was established in the 1970's in the U.S.A. by three enthusiastic breeders named Lopez, Jones and Stratten, whose goal was to create a Dobermann-like animal, but with greater physical strength and drive. They reportedly crossed Dobermanns, Labradors, AmStaffs and the Deutsche Dogge, resulting in a large and athletic working Molosser, supposedly healthier and more trainable than the breeds used in its creation. Ever since its inception, the Canis Panther was slow to be welcomed by many working dog fanciers and bandog lovers, mostly due to the inclusion of the Labrador Retriever and the Great Dane in its foundation stock, but this handsome American breed has been gaining acceptance among the Personal Protection enthusiasts for the past three decades, even though it still remains fairly rare in the United States and relatively unknown elsewhere.

Very intelligent, territorial and trainable, the Canis Panther makes an impressive property guardian and watchdog. When socialized and trained properly, this powerful breed can make an amenable family dog, but it requires a fair amount of exercise and is happier when given a job. Although bred to be tolerant of unthreatening people and not very dog-aggressive, the Canis Panther can still be quite suspicious of strange humans and dogs, needing experienced and responsible handling. Apart from being taller, the Canis Panther is somewhat reminiscent of original Dobermann Pinschers in appearance, being a muscular and lean dog, with a strong neck, deep chest and a powerful, yet elegant head. Heavier examples with slightly blockier heads can still be seen on occasion, but the breed as a whole shows a great deal of uniformity. The ears are usually cropped and the tail is docked.

The short coat is preferred jet black in color, but solid shades of fawn, brown, grey and blue are common. Average height is around 28 inches, although smaller examples exist.

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