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Catahoula Pit Bull Dog

Not to be confused with the Catahoula Bullterrier, the Catahoula Pit Bull Dog was originally developed in the late 1800's from Irish, English and American fighting and hunting dogs, but it became virtually extinct until it was revived in the 1980's by a number of enthusiasts in Louisiana who crossed their working Catahoula Leopard Dogs with the early American Pit Bull Terrier. It can be argued that the Catahoula Pit Bull is much closer to the original Catahoula Bull Terrier than the modern breed bearing this name. Very powerful and agile, this bulldogge also makes an excellent all-around hunting dog, owing its hound skills to the Catahoula Leopard Dog blood and its terrier tenacity and prey drive to its bully heritage. However, due to the common matings between this breed and the APBT, as well as the American Bulldog and the Catahoula leopard Dog, there are only a handful of true Catahoula Pit Bull Dogs left in existence today.

A capable property guardian, the Catahoula Pit Bull can also make an agreeable family dog, gentle with children and devoted to its master, but its main role is that of a hunting dog, primarily used for hog hunting. Because of its extreme dog-aggression and strong-headed nature, it requires careful handling and proper socialization.

Its short, flat coat comes in many colors, but various types of brindles and merles are preferred. The average height is around 22 inches.

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    • Interesting. I have never heard of this breed. I wonder how this working breed used to hunt boars but are dog aggressive. I've never done hog hunting. I've been invited. I thought that hog hunting you want your dog not to be dog aggressive. 🤔

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