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Chinese Foo Dog

The common "Foo Dog" moniker has been used for a variety of breeds over the years, from Tibetan Mastiffs and Chow Chows to Sharpeis, Pugs and other eastern dogs and even an \"extinct\" (or non-existent) variety of Asian lions, with the name rooted in the ancient Chinese mythology and Buddhist art. The breed known today as the Chinese Foo Dog was most likely developed in the United States, even though its fanciers claim that it is in fact an ancient breed derived from Chow Chows crossed with various Mongolian and European hounds and sheepdogs, while some choose to believe that it is basically a domesticated Chinese wolf. Said to had been used as a temple watchdog in the past, this breed supposedly also makes a good herder, hunter and even sled dog. In America, the Chinese Foo Dog is recognized as an energetic, alert and agile breed, its friendly temperament making this lovely Spitz an agreeable family pet.

Deep-chested, squarely built and muscular, this rare breed is promoted as a healthy and resilient companion. There are three types of the Chinese Foo Dog, these being the Standard, Toy and Miniature variants.

The weatherproof double coat comes in two lengths, both of which are common in shades of fawn, cream, orange, brown, red, blue, sable, wolf-gray, black and black-n-tan. Small white markings are allowed. The height varies from dogs that are under 10 inches to those well over 15 inches at the withers.

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