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Clumber Spaniel

This lovely miniaturized mastiff is named after the Clumber Park estate in Nottinghamshire, where it is believed to had been developed by the Duke of Newcastle from a number of dogs sent to him by the Duc de Noailles during the French Revolution. A result of crossing St. Bernards and other Alpine spaniels with Basset Hounds, English Spaniels and Bloodhounds, the small, but massive Clumber Spaniel appears rather heavy and slow, although it is a very dedicated and resilient worker. This is a very intelligent breed, easy to train and completely devoted to its owner, making an excellent companion. 

The skull is large, massive and broad on top, with decided occiput, heavy brow and deep stop. The muzzleshould be of medium length, square and with flews well developed. His orange brown eyes are of medium size and deep set. The ears are large and pointed at the tip and the hair on them should be straight. His neck is thick and powerful, well feathered underneath, and his body is long, strong and barrel-like and the hind quarters very powerful and muscular. The stern is docked, well feathered, low set, and carried level with the back, and his coat is abundant, soft and straight.

The breed is also affected by other influential members of the English peerage, which, together with his dignified bearing and classical lineage, account for being dubbed the aristocrat of the spaniel family. The Clumber differs from all other varieties of the Spaniel in that he is considerably heavier and more massive and therefore less active and a slower dog in the field. For this reason he is used largely by sportsmen who do not care to travel as fast as the more agile varieties work.

Albeit as an all-round hunter the Clumber is probably without his equal and is excellent alike both as a field and water dog.

The coat is rich and silky, always white in colour with lemon or orange markings. Average height is around 19 inches.

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