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Continental Bulldog

This is a new breed from Switzerland, developed by Imelda Angehrn, a long time breeder of English Bulldogs who wanted a healthier and more agile type of dog than the modern version of the breed. By acquiring appropriate examples of the Leavitt type Olde English Bulldogge from England and America and crossing them into her English Bulldog lines, she was able to improve the movement, breathing and overal health and athleticism of her dogs, but this endeavour also made it impossible for her dogs to be accepted as pure English Bulldogs by most registries. A cross between a French Bulldog and a German Boxer is rumoured to have been incorporated into the breedings as well, but this hasn't been confirmed and is likely to be yet another claim made by the English Bulldog breeders opposed to this "alternative" breed, who've accused Angehrn of using Pit Bulls and American Bulldogs in her programme as well. Initially known as the Pickwick Old Type Bulldog, the breed was well received by the fanciers of bulldogges and the interest in this new creation kept growing steadily in Europe. It should be noted that the Swiss Kennel Club had been involved with the breeding programme from the very beginning, firstly by giving permission to Angehrn to breed an experimental litter and then by establishing an official working council for breed development providing supervision of all dogs and their health produced since 2001, with the final step in the support of the new breed being the acceptance of the Continental Bulldog as an official Swiss breed in 2004. The Swiss Kennel Club will also be providing assistance with the necessary steps required for international recognition by the FCI, but for now the Continental Bulldog's success has been noted officially only in its native country of Switzerland.

The Continental Bulldog is a well-mannered family companion, said to be more energetic and easier to train than its British cousin. Affectionate with its owner and familiar people, playful with children and tolerant of other dogs, it also makes an alert and reliable watchdog and while the breed is not very aggressive or confrontational, early socialization is still necessary. Leaner, lighter, slightly longer-necked, longer-legged and with less wrinkless than the modern English Bulldog, this Swiss breed is closer to its older type, but not so far from the classic appearance as some other bulldogge varieties. Another important difference between the English Bulldog and the Continental Bulldog is in the latter breed's females' ability to give birth naturally. The head is broad , with a strong muzzle and well-defined jaws. The body is muscular, with broad shoulders, a wide chest and strong, sturdy legs. The tail is naturally straight when left unaltered.

The coat is short, flat and smooth, coming in all typical bully colourings. Average height is around 17 inches.

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