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Cuban Dogge

The Cuban Dogge can trace its roots to the 1500's when it developed from various bulldogs and mastiffs as a cattle dog, property guardian and a fighter. This breed should not be confused with its close relative, the much larger Cuban Bloodhound, with which it shares its early ancestry. It is believed that a number of early specimens was imported into America, where they were used as watchdogs and slave retrievers in the southern states. Some historians suggest that these white Cuban mastiffs influenced some strains of early Mexican and American Bulldogs. By the end of the 1800's, the Dogo Cubano was nearing extinction. There is not a lot of reliable information about this rare breed, but it has been reported that Pit Bulls, Cordoba Bulldogs and Dogo Argentinos were bred into the leftover stock of old Cuban Dogges in the early 20th century, resulting in better fighters, much larger than the original dogs.

Most authorities agree that no pure Cuban Bulldogges exist today and the breed is considered extinct, although the name Dogo Cubano lives on through today's pit fighters of Cuba. The majority of modern specimens resemble American Pit Bull Terriers much more than they do old bulldogges.

The preferred color for its short smooth coat has traditionally been pure white or white with darker patches, but today brindle, fawn, brown and other shades are much more common. Average height is around 20 inches.

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    • President of Cuba Bartolomé Masó y and his puppies March de 1898, during Cuban-American War

      Cuban Dogge with soldiers named "Cuba Libre" (Free Cuba)

      Cuban Dogge circa 1898

      Cuban Dogge with soldiers, 1898

      Cuban dogge circa 1928

      Cuban portrait





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